Meditation for Seniors

In partnership with RetireGuide® Meditation can help reverse the rate of aging, especially when it comes to maintaining your gray matter, which is the [...]


3D to Higher Consciousness From as early as I can remember, I was receiving the intended messaging that I was not a contender for winning at the game [...]

Healing the Female Wound

Trusting Our Wisdom from Within and Celebrating One Another. Recently in the femme healing spaces of coaching, mindfulness and other forms of practici [...]

Mom Win In Real Time.

How a regulated nervous system improves our relationship with our children. A regulated nervous system is the real flex.  It’s everything, and will li [...]

New year, Same You; but Growth

Revelations post nouriSHEd event: During the nouriSHEd event on the eve of Dec 28th I pulled the Protection oracle card. I went on to come home and se [...]


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