empowHER (ages 8-13)

Summer Session June 4th – June 25th | 4 weeks | Tuesdays 6 – 7:30pm | $159

EmpowHER round up:

Leaders are the leader of their own world. empowHER program’s mission is to develop self-aware; body positive; internally resourced, confident self leadership in our young female population, who spread loving kindness throughout our world, starting with themselves. You were meant to stand out and shine.

yoga | breath-work | journalling | essential oils | mindfulness exercises
empowering conversations | community | exceptional panel of guest experts

Location: shared upon registration

Testimonials from past attendees:

“We go into a child’s pose before every big game and we’ve won every time!”
– Hazel + Maddy basketball players

“June has been talking nonstop about her camp business… and made herself scrambled eggs this morning. Love EmpowerHer!”
– June’s mom

“This is amazing and so needed Alia!”

“This was the most empowering, comforting, strengthening space I’ve been exposed to as woman in my life. Imagine If you had been exposed to this at this age. It is nothing short of ground-breaking for our young women. We need to find a way together over the mountain – to speak our hearts and our truth, and to never get lost in the mess of ‘real life’. This is it.”
-Amy Jones