empowHER Winter Session (ages 9-13)

Next Session Jan. 17th – Mar. 7th | 8 weeks | Tuesdays 6 – 7:30pm | $335


EmpowHER round up:

In this micro series learn 4 key tools to navigate the holiday season mindfully:

Noticing; Gratitude; Kindness and Giving Back.

Each week there will be a practice centred around the theme: using journal prompts, yoga poses, the moon phases, a make and take and an essential oil introduced to support the theme that week.

At the end of the week we will have 4 oils to create our signature empowHER gratitude blend.

Location: Ubuntu Wellness Centre | 2650 Gerrard St East Lower Level

NouriSHEd (adult yoga class)

Next Session: March 20th | In person!!! | Monday 6 – 7:30pm | Spring Equinox

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NouriSHEd Includes:

90 mins soulful practice
Sound healing
Yoga Flow
Adjustments with essential oils
Guided Imagery
Soul music
Journal inquiries

Location: Ubuntu Wellness Centre | 2650 Gerrard St East Lower Level

Gather on the Spring Equinox and celebrate the increase of daylight hours and warming temperatures with this nourishing evening.

Mind’spa Yoga

60 min Session: Sundays 2:30 – 3:30pm | Receive Alia’s nourishment for the full hour | $28


Quiet your mind and flow with the body.  Connect into your intention throughout the practice with prompting.  Release the mind’s tendency to lament over the past or ruminate about the future and tune into the present moment.  Movement that challenges and warms the body, integration of rest throughout and a guided grounding practice to finish.

Dynamic movement 


Inspirational quote/ reading

Nourishing Flow Yoga

60 min Session: Wednesdays 8:30 – 9:30pm | Receive Alia’s nourishment for the full hour | $28


Breath-work; dynamic movement; inspirational quote/ reading; sound healing; essential oils; grounding.

*Kids 4-11 msg to set up your private group.


Brittany is a Vancouver-born yogi who began practicing yoga 15 years ago quickly becoming enamoured. At first she loved the way yoga made her body feel and the body awareness she was learning and soon after began to experience the mental and spiritual benefits of the practice. Her love for the practice continued to grow and she dedicated the latter part of her first maternity leave to becoming a 200hr certified yoga instructor. As her family grew and joined her on the mat she learned the art of children’s yoga and became a certified kids yoga instructor.

Brittany loves to bring the richness of the practice to children in a way that is fun and approachable. She creates classes that allow kids to experience the concepts of yoga while allowing them to be silly and release energy. She loves to weave in guided meditations that allow children to visually understand how to process their thoughts and emotions in a healthy way.

She believes that teaching children yoga, meditation and breathing will have a profound effect on our collective future. Brittany resides in Toronto and loves to spend time in her tiny backyard oasis.

Fay has practiced yoga for over twenty years. She discovered Hatha yoga in her mid twenties when working in residential homes for the elderly. She now practices Hatha and Kundalini yoga. Fay recognized the grounding benefits of mindfulness when helping her own children cope with stressors in their lives. The emotional, mental and physical awareness that a yoga practice teaches has improved all aspects of her life.

Fay has worked with children for many years. Working in a school setting for children with cerebral palsy and care homes for children with Autism. For fourteen years she has run a home day-care while raising her own sons. It is through this broad experience that she recognized the importance of emotional literacy, self regulation and understanding perspective. Fay believes these skills build resilience and improve relationships.

Fay grew up near the peak district in Northern England surrounded by countryside, her love of nature has always brought her joy. She has travelled to the Himalayas, rainforests and Africa to experience different landscapes it is in Kenya she met her Canadian husband and came to live in Toronto. Her love of the Canadian outdoors continues to grow, recently taking up kayaking and skiing.

Fay enjoys being a mom, watching her two boys grow has been a privilege and continues to inspire her. She has a BA in fine art and continues to paint in a home studio. she hopes to share her love of nature, art and yoga with others and have lots of fun along the way.