Be with women in gathering
Witness & be witnessed.

Wednesday, August 30th | 6:30-8:30p | 2560 Ubuntu Wellness, Lower Level
Vibration | Creation | Releasing | Magnetism | Honouring Feminine

Come to Circle

Cost: $55 use code Gifted at checkout.

A Night of Celebration
On the eve of the 2nd full moon of August, join Alia, founder of MWA + empowHER, and community in celebration of every woman gathered.
Be immersed in her teachings of how a spiritual existence supported by the cycles, along with  daily practices of embodied celebration, can transform your whole life into one by design.

Her work is infused with play, impromptu inspiration, compassion and warm love.

Sharing always from a place of embodied learning from walking through life curious, filled with wonder and turned-on.

Arrive at 6:25p to acquaint yourself with the space, a discovery time to move about, get tea and set up a cozy spot. 

There will be a lightness of being to the movement of the evening, by design.  Intentional space to allow for a natural unfolding – Divine Feminine in nature.

The itinerary will include:
Community, connection, meeting of other women.
A Reading
Guided Visualization
Guest speaker(s)
Essential oil infused shavasana with crown chakra activation.
Live transmissions + guidance by Alia throughout.
Love | Light | Laughter

Where two or more are gathered it exponentially increases our ability to manifest.