Re-discover the best version of yourself and be an energetic magnet

for the life of your dreams with my mindfulness framework.

I help women everywhere regain trust in themselves, feel present in their relationships,

become a magnet for their dreams + ambitions and take aligned action in everything they do.

Welcome to Soul Care

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If you’re ready to say YES to the Highest version of yourself,

without blaming & shaming, struggle & exhaustion,

self deprecation and leaking vital energy, you’ve found your way home.


– Feel centred in your body, mind, and spirit
– Experience an abundance of energy, brilliant thoughts, prosperity and emotional balance
– Be fully present for yourself and your loved ones
– Live by your design

It’s time to put yourself
and your desires first

I can guide you because I have walked this path myself…

My own healing journey began largely after I met my boyfriend, now husband, Ryan. I was 21 and there was a part of me that felt like I had come home and felt exhilarated, joyful and deeply at peace, like I’d never experienced before in a romantic relationship. Yet months later my fear of commitment, paralyzed me. I literally had a visceral reaction to my heart saying yes to this man, the messaging was “leave now, or suffer this way always. You have to choose, this love or your steadiness.” I was shattered, what was this pull to leave that had nothing to do with my desire to stay? What was this bossy force and why was it so powerful and convincing? What had happened to me?

Healing did not happen overnight, but the journey toward it did.

I started a regular yoga practice with my mom and sisters, began seeing a therapist that specialized in Yoga Therapy, healing through breath work, movement and talk therapy. I journaled relentlessly, and read countless books on spirituality and psychology.

Arriving to where I am today was a challenging, often confusing, and passion filled process, a true labour of [self] love.

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My unique Soul Care System addresses the source of your limiting beliefs,

emotional blockages, and dives deeply into self-discovery.


Understanding your Inner child wounds: distinguishing Highest self from limiting beliefs; insecurities, need for external validation, self-deprecation

Negative rumination: low self-talk, spiralling, lacking motivation

Mental and Emotional Health: stress, anxiety, depression, worry, sleep issues, self-sabotage

Stuck and stalled in external circumstances: not progressing personally or professionally,

Relationships: abandonment, withdrawing, projecting, blaming

Immunity: headaches, chronic fatigue

Hormonal: imbalances, mood swings, emotional instability

and so much more…


Experience a medicine that is true, that can finally give you the answers

and the tools you’ve been looking for so you can feel light, fresh, and HAPPY.

Real Stories From Real Women

“I have been moving through a journey of spiritual awakening with a series of different modalities – mindfulness, yoga, psychotherapy, group work, somatic experiencing touch therapy, and as of late, cold water exposure. As I find myself increasingly aware of my own divinity, and increasingly aware of my own limitations, reactions, and habits that no longer serve me, I appreciated that Alia embodied a wealth of insight into practical techniques that could help me bridge my human-experience to my “higher” self. Alia guided me through energetic lessons that I was aware of but had not been sufficiently exploring to their full potential. I love (love!) that she makes real the spiritual path that I’ve been finding myself walking towards and I can’t recommend her enough. It is incredibly rare to find someone that can so quickly create and hold the space for another to be vulnerable and powerful – but she does it effortlessly and with joy in her heart.”
– Ellen C.

“After my Soul Care Session with Alia, I really slowed down (which actually increased overall efficiency) I started taking care of myself more deeply which is leading to foundational shifts. Alia’s nurturing energy inspired me to connect to my own! I coming to know my true worth in the art I create for others. Whenever I meet with Alia, I always leave feeling clear and vibrant. Her presence is truly a gift. My first meeting with Alia has planted such a powerful seed in my healing transformation, through her nurturing energy which is soft yet clear, she offers accountability and guidance. Alia’s integration of essential oils was transformational. Her wisdom of the plants is so valuable and helpful. I would recommend Alia to any woman in recovery, therapy, energy practices such as reiki; Mothers, sisters, aunts, teachers, co-workers. I love you Alia!”
– Courtney K.

“There aren’t enough words to describe the absolute light that Alia brings into your life. Despite being friends before taking me on as a client, Alia flawlessly balanced between maintaining our friendship while providing professional support. I reached out to Alia during one of the most difficult times in my life. She intuitively understood a lot of what I was going through. She was there for me on some of my darkest days and reminded me that there was still a light inside me even when I couldn’t see it. She is an amazing human being with a spiritual perspective on life that matches my own and is as close as you can get to an angel walking on earth. I highly recommend her soul care support to any woman who finds herself in a confusing and difficult time. Even if you don’t find yourself in a difficult place, Alia’s work will still be of immense benefit to you. If you crave to learn more about yourself and your patterns, if you want to expand your soul awareness and cultivate a greater sense of understanding towards others and towards life itself, look no further.”
– Jerrica

“This lovely human being has changed my life on a level that I never thought imaginable. I’ve worked with Alia both on a personal level, her Vision Casting program, as well as a guest nutrition expert with her EmpowHer program. As an entrepreneur, she has provided a level of stability, comfort, growth and spirituality that is unparalleled. Her work is the work of all us mothers…guiding our children into trusting their inner intuition to become who they are meant to be. I can’t recommend her enough.”
– Amy Jones

“Alia listens with her entire soul. Every time I work with her I feel deeply seen, heard, and held in an unconditionally loving way. Her Soul Sessions feel like a divine hug; deeply nourishing and full of heart. She consistently offers gentle, clear, inspired guidance that facilitates a re-alignment with my purpose in an easeful way. To work with Alia is to gain access to a deep well of wisdom that seems to pour through her effortlessly. She is heart medicine in human form.”
– Nina T.

You are worthy of living a life of abundance, joy and peace. It’s your birthright.

The journey of self-discovery is rich with potential and full of the possibility for greater self-love and acceptance.

It would be my greatest honour to support you on your path back home to your Self.

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