A trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother. Doula provided support before, during and just after birth. As well as, emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.

Toronto Doula


A doula’s role is to support you with the utmost respect, care and commitment. During pre and post delivery, as well as, through the three stages of birth: early, active and transition. Together we create your ideal birth plan. Your doula advocates this plan and wishes on your behalf, so that you may focus on what’s important.

Studies show that when faced with the challenges of childbirth, coping skills and birth plans are quickly forgotten. This can result in making stressful decisions that deviate unnecessarily from the intended plan.

More importantly, studies also show that those who have chosen the support of a doula are less likely to have medical intervention, complications or a negative affiliation with their labour and birthing experience.

Here at MOLO we pride ourselves on offering the best emotional, physical and informational support to our clients. All throughout bump, baby and beyond. We not only care about our clients, we’re also inspired by them. After all, nothing is more sacred than a Mother’s Love.

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From the moment you hire your doula, everything about your pregnancy will take on a new feeling. Someone is as excited as you are about your growing family. Here to help you navigate through the sometimes overwhelming and confusing world of pregnancy and childbirth. Get ready to feel more relaxed and at ease having your own personal guide to childbirth.

A doula rounds out your support team in all the best ways. You’ve likely already found a doctor or midwife who will follow the medical aspects of your pregnancy. Your partner or family who knows you best is there to help. Choosing a doula to be part of the experience means that you have a trained and certified birth support person during your pregnancy. As well as, labour and delivery and for as long as you need after the birth of your baby. We provide non-judgmental, baggage-free advice, support, and coaching. So, you can experience these milestones in the most positive and confident way possible.

Once you’ve signed on with us, we’re here for you 24/7. You have access to information, resources and support above and beyond what you might have imagined. During your pregnancy you can take advantage of the amazing network of professionals we work with and community events we host and participate in. You can call, e-mail or text your doula whenever you need.

Looking for some resources on a new birthing trend you’ve heard about? We’ll know where to send you. Want to find out if what you’re experiencing is normal? Chances are it is, but we’ll chat with you, reassure you and have the experience and know-how to make sure you contact your medical provider when needed.

Spending quality time together during our prenatal meetings means that we can develop a relationship, discuss a flexible plan for your birth that makes you feel comfortable and prepared, and go over any lingering fears or concerns you might have about your upcoming birth. With experience in the hospitals and birthing centres in Montreal, we can offer guidance and advice on everything from packing your hospital bag to what to expect each step of the way during the labour process.

Even if you’re wondering, “Am I really in labour?”, we’re on-call for you at any time and ready to jump out of bed at 3am to join you at your home or hospital. We’ll keep in touch during early labour and when you’re ready to have extra support your doula will be there when you request her. From that moment until the birth of your baby your doula will be there supporting you in whatever way you need.

We are there to help you find your strength when you need it, help you communicate with the medical staff, provide guidance and suggestions to ease your pain and focus on your emotional well-being. We truly want you to have a birth you can look back on with pride and happiness! If you have a specific type of birth experience, we offer guidance and support to help you achieve it. Even if your plan is to “go with the flow”, we can help you find the tools to make informed decisions, techniques to cope with labour pain and we can support you in getting ready to welcome your baby in the most confident and joyful way.

We don’t disappear after your baby is born. We stay with you until you and your baby are settled in and if you’re choosing to breastfeed we make sure that it’s off to a good start. During your hospital stay we are still available by phone or text for any questions or concerns you might have, and upon your return home we arrange our postpartum follow-up visit. At this visit we can discuss anything that might be on your mind, and make sure that your transition into parenthood is as seamless as possible. You always have the option to arrange for new baby postpartum care, but regardless we continue to be available by phone or e-mail for the first 6 weeks.

toronto doula


Emma’s academic background in family studies, warm and nurturing disposition, and passion for supporting people through their reproductive journey are what make her so suited for the role of a doula.

She takes a non-judgmental, compassionate, birthing person-led approach to her work. Ensuring that her clients are well-informed of their choices, and supporting them unconditionally in their decisions are the cornerstones of her practice. Emma embraces people of diverse backgrounds, family forms, bodies and genders, and meets them wherever they are in their path with respect and kindness.


Joshuelle (pronounced jaw-shoe-elle) is a passionate and committed Birth and Postpartum Doula and Yoga Instructor.  Her practice is rooted in science, storytelling, spirituality, and community. She’s been described by clients and doula-friends as having “an open, friendly and caring energy”, and being “incredibly knowledgeable, professional and organized”. Joshuelle has a background in biochemistry, health studies, customer service and hospitality, and uses her unique approach to support her clients as they navigate the transformative times of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. For you, this means she’s great at reading the room and finding ways to make you feel safe; whether she’s listening and holding your hand, equipping you with tools and skills, or simply making you laugh.

“I really appreciated how she was able to help me stay focused on my hoped-for birth, while never making it seem like it couldn’t still be great even if things went differently (which they did). I also loved how much she got to know my husband, included him in all the discussions and treated his role in pregnancy and birth as important. She helps to provide information and tips without bias or trying to push you in a certain direction. You never feel judgment from her, just lots of care, compassion, understanding and support.” – Sarah, Google review

“She gave us confidence as first time parents and provided a calm and stable presence in an uncertain period of our lives. We worked with her for postpartum support as well as education. Would absolutely recommend the service she provides to any parents!” – Ally, Google review

“Joshuelle has a natural talent for nurturing, supporting and connecting with her clients. My birth experience was celebrated and my needs were met because of her intentional tools, the education and sentiments she provides as friend and doula.” – Raelynn, Google review


Danielle’s passion and love for newborn babies and their first few months of life outside the womb is palpable.

She focuses on babies well being while supporting mental, emotional and spiritual health for parents during the postpartum period (and beyond).

She is a mother to three and suffered a traumatic birth with her firstborn. She knows firsthand what postpartum depression looks like, and personally understands how beneficial and valuable it is to have someone with experience and compassion present during the fourth trimester.

Danielle’s primary emphasis is on “mothering the mother.”

Her knowledge and expertise quickly soothe mothers fears, apprehension and uncertainty when they are finally at home with their baby, enabling both parents to transition into the postpartum period confidently and peacefully.

“When my wife and I were faced with the daunting task of bringing our newborn home, we soon found ourselves sleep deprived and overwhelmed.

With Danielle’s warm and knowledgeable demeanour, we were instantly given a chance to breath and trust that our precious baby was in the best hands. As a mother herself, Danielle offers tried and true methods on raising a healthy baby including feeding and sleep schedules, bathing, and laundry.

From a male point of view, I was really impressed how Danielle spoke to me and my wife as equals and which allowed us to take in her expertise. She was an absolute pleasure (and saviour) to welcome into our home. I would 100% highly recommend Danielle’s services as a postpartum Doula” – Jonny Adams

“My daughter is about to turn 3 months and as I sit here reflecting on the “4th Trimester” and what got me through it I can’t help but take a moment to thank Danielle!

As a first time mom I had no clue what I was doing, and while I was intrigued by the idea of a postpartum doula I also had no clue what that would entail. Bringing Danielle on was the best decision! She taught me so many tips and tricks when it came to breastfeeding, bathing, sleeping and general care for my daughter, but most importantly she was there to support me – whatever I needed. In a time where all my energy and focus was being put into my child, I was still recovering from a pretty huge impact on my body and having Danielle in my corner was the best decision I could have made.

For any new or soon to be mamas out there I would strongly consider the postpartum doula route and even more so recommend Danielle!”


I have always had a strong connection to health and wellness. Formerly I practiced as a personal trainer and yoga instructor in order to achieve these goals, both personally and professionally. After having my two children, I transitioned into working with postpartum families. I believe in empowering individuals and families with my calm and positive approach to life. I enjoy navigating the first few days, weeks, and months with families as they transition into parenthood. I enjoy creating postpartum plans along side families, working together to support individual needs. It is my goal to empower families with the tools needed to begin the parenting journey. I am DONA International trained as a postpartum doula and have furthered my education in Accredited Infant Sleep Course for Doulas and Health Care Practitioners. Certified in basics of Lactation for Doula professionals with emphasis on breast/chest feeding support and infant nutrition, and I am Red Cross CPR certified.

Specialties, Education Training:
DONA International postpartum trained Doula
DONA accredited Infant sleep Course for Doulas and Health Professionals
DONA accredited Basics of Lactation for Doulas and Health Care Professionals
Red Cross CPR/AED certified for Health Care Professionals
Active membership with Ontario Association of Doulas
Insurance provider with Prolink
Lamaze trained Childbirth Educator
YOGA Teacher Training through Downward Dog Yoga centre


I am blessed to hold some of these little babes for a few nights, for a few weeks or for a few months but they are all equally special to me. They all come to me as my little clients, become my little bosses and before I know it they steal my heart and are FAMILY!

Postpartum work makes me so HAPPY, helping moms and dads through the rough first few weeks makes me feel completely fulfilled and if that wasn’t enough, their sweet babies truly become part of my heart and stay there forever. ♥️

So incredibly grateful for the blessing to do every night/day something that I love this much! 🙏🏼


Tanicia is a passionate, certified Fertility & Postpartum Doula, wellness coach and Barre fitness instructor. Tanicia has always been interested in and passionate about fertility, women’s health, pregnancy & babies; since the age of 13! Tanicia’s mission is to highlight, celebrate and empower everyone to know about the Infradian rhythm and how to implement cycle alignment in every aspect of their lives. Our bodies hold so much wisdom, potential and power, we owe it to ourselves to honour & optimize our health.

As a fertility & postpartum doula and overall wellness advocate, she prioritizes knowledge, fun & vitality into every offering she has. Tanicia uses the power of mindset, mentorship coaching, informed consent, evidenced based information, and supportive practices to care for her clients. Tanicia is also an international speaker, having spoken to over 40,000 people, and an avid traveler, having lived in Italy & Spain.


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  • 1 Postpartum meeting
  • Birth story


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