In partnership together we, Danielle and I, have created DEVOTIONAL — a monthly in person gathering, to come together in community and embark on a journey of devotion.

January 22nd with the New Moon | 3:45–6:00pm
Stand alone offer to feel into whether DEVOTIONAL is resonant for you | $122

It is our deepest intention to create a nourishing space in which we feel held in the deep knowing of our belonging and in re-membrance of the innate wisdom that lies within us.  This heart offering Is about sharing space together, in devotion to creating a life we love, as much as it is anything else. The space where we can feel into the experience of being alive together. Sharing in the connection of what this means for each of us.

Be inspired by seasonal practices, tools and teachings rooted in traditional yogic philosophy, somatic movement, breathwork, meditation, creative practice,  the art of noticing, embodied connection with nature,  cyclical awareness and lunar wisdom, balancing and grounding with the elements, plant medicine and essential oils.

We will embark on a devotional journey of self discovery that transforms our experience of being alive by living consciously.

Each Devotional month is rooted in a specific theme tied to the energy of the season. Bringing us back into a relationship with a living world and re-membering the wisdom that lives deep within our bones. It is in this way that we invite a life of joyful ease, make medicine from our wounds, and find deeper connection to each other, ourselves and the natural world.  That we may come to know our inner landscape and draw upon this knowing as though it were a compass bringing us into alignment with our purpose. For it is in living in devotion to this purpose that allows us to build a bridge from the heart out into the world to share our unique medicine.

Each gathering will honour:
– Breath work and tuning into personal rhythms
– A sharing around the wisdom and energy of the season through activities such as: creative practice, embodied rituals, guided meditations, sharing seasonal resources, time spent in nature, ceremony, poetry etc.
– Yoga / somatic movement
– Personal reflection and Community share

Devotional is:
– An in person monthly gathering to share space together in devotion to creating a life we love
– An opportunity to deepen your relationship with cycles and cyclical living
– A space to be inspired by practical tools that help you to feel resourced as you walk through the seasons of your life
– An invitation to nurture your connection to the natural world and uncover that everything in nature is medicine for your life

The Details:
– January 22nd with the New Moon 3:45–6:00pm. Stand alone offer to feel into whether DEVOTIONAL is resonant for you $122
– Should you feel called to be in DEVOTIONAL,  gatherings continue monthly on the Sunday around the New Moon 3:45- 6:00pm
– Sign up by February 5/23 with payment in full $1221 $111/month or monthly payments of $122
– Sign up after February 5/23 with payment in full $1342 $122/month or monthly payments of $122
– There are two scholarships available for those interested, please reach out to learn more

What we Bring: 
– a combined 400 + hours of YTT
– Both mothers of 3 with children spanning the ages of 8 – 17 years
– Living heart led, intentional lives with daily personal practices  that centre around cyclical living and the embodiment of the ways of nature, including a deep relationship with the lunar cycle.
– connections to the subtle realm and mutually rich relationships with our intuition and personal rhythms

Let us be in DEVOTION together
—Alia and Danielle

The mystery of emptiness and fulfillment, loneliness and all-one-ness, surrounds you each day. The lessons teach you to realize that your own body/mind is the container of love. Within you are worlds and beings, lands and adventures that guide your every day life. Recognize that you have been given time, and time is the road on which you lay your life day by day. Through time, you are to love. Lessons come your way and you are to live each one in the highest love that you can generate, offering every life experience to that embodiment of all love, the Great Spirit within. Spirit dwells everywhere and it is up to you to find it. You have been given a life of time in which to do so. How do you spend your time is how you love. What you spend your time doing is that what you are devoted. What you are devoted to is your religion. Your religion is your spiritual expression. It does not have to be formal and dogmatic. Life is to be your love, your expression, your devotion.  Every moment is an opportunity for sacrament or sacrifice. You can make life sacred or profane.
—Carol Bridges from “The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook”