3D to Higher Consciousness

From as early as I can remember, I was receiving the intended messaging that I was not a contender for winning at the game they’d created.

Simultaneously, there was an awareness of they.

I had begun to run the program of “not good enough by contrast”

I remember, as I began maturing into a young woman, feeling a way about the contrast of my dark complexion against the pale white of a tall blonde woman’s

By this point the program had been installed and set up to run almost on autopilot, by design, but by who’s?

It wasn’t even by comparison, that the instalment would run.
If I were to compare myself, I had many accomplishments, inherent gifts, I was a light that shone and if you really cared to look you would capture it shining back as an appearance that was rather quite attractive.

It was by contrast alone.
The difference between us, weaponized against me alluding to a sense of filth, dirty, tarnished, lesser than – right off the gate.

The de-programming looped in and out for years.

I had a felt sense that the stories in my head were not my own, but one that had been read to me, shown to me, expressed to me over and over and over again, like brainwashing.

My brain washed of original thought, robbed of the opportunity to create my own stories, by my own merit. The innocence of getting to be a blank slate to self discover and uncover or self express, stripped away.

Due to the programming running through the veins of those who had appearances that varied in likeness to my own, I concluded rightfully that this was no doubt the intention, a collective placement to solidify the takedown.

As an individual with an innate sense of curiosity and natural sense of wonder an experiment of my own was running alongside this other programming – that was more like an infiltration that lacked consent. What drove me was a curiosity around my own unique and personal self, in relation to the interconnectedness of others.

When the discomfort of being othered, even by experience or through the lens of differing lived experiences, had me turtle, made me shut up and just grin and bear in attempt to just fit in,

Don’t stand out
Don’t stand out
Don’t stand out

I began to watch that tendency with a sense of curiosity, “where does the root of this belief even come from?”

Rather than believing what was arising, I began to question it.

The anthem of “be who you are, accept what we tell you about yourself” began to loosen its grip and started to be replaced with an irrevocable sense of inner knowing.

Intelligent, wise questions, arose, such as
How can all that I am, possibly be known simply by looking at me?

Whose agenda was behind such an impossible feat, of demanding one try and express everything that they are, with one aspect so shallow as appearance, and allows that to end the conversation on everything that they could be?

What an enormous pressure and weight to put on a child, an individual, a collective.

Who would do that?

And slowly the envy turned to awareness
The contrast, a point of pride
Confusion to understanding
Wounds began to heal and love of self began to emerge.
Knowing began to form.

The knowing of… I am not separate from Source and neither are you.

My worth is inherent, any persuasion to the contrary says everything about the persuader, nothing about myself. The same is true for you.

My inheritance is beyond the acquisitions of the stuff of a sick society, but one of merit, such as kindness, heart, generosity, spirit, the inheritance of love.

This is available to each of us. This is the best of who we are, the full potential of what we could be.

Now that I know who I am, it can not be defined by anyone outside of myself, and I’m here to spread the word, that this is also true for you.

Our individual expression serves the collective.

Some are awakening as others remain asleep. Paradigms are shifting, from 3D to Higher consciousness. Two things can be true at once, your rising is independent of the stuckness of others, yet your rising serves everyone, particularly those who remain stuck.

What we do with this divine responsibility, is all our own, once we awaken to our uniqueness we awaken to the uniqueness within the other and we can begin to serve from here.

A sacred stance, in honour of a united world come together through our perceived differences.

The contrast becomes a point of celebration and integration, weaving through the tapestry of one people, one Earth, One Love.

– Alia Jihan (Ascending Universe) Francisco