Trusting Our Wisdom from Within and Celebrating One Another.

Recently in the femme healing spaces of coaching, mindfulness and other forms of practicing wellness, I am seeing this narrative of women, from the same industry, coming into spaces created, nurtured and led by other women, attacking them, demanding they provide the details of their schooling, specifically westernized degrees, in order to validate their position of influence and impact.

To those holding this belief, I ask:

Is what you’re fighting for representative of the world you want to live in?

One that perpetuates the witch wound and seeks to silence the Divine Feminine for its own “power over” privileges?

Whose agenda are you advocating for?

Female led communities made up of mostly women should be led to trust themselves.

Approaching this unsolicited attack under the guise of protecting those occupying the space, by their own will, is painfully misguided.

A saviour rhetoric is archaic and truly harmful to point to wisdom as something we seek without, or that is acquired externally, rather than a Source that comes from within.

All we can do for one another is point to Truth.

The moment we believe we are the  barometer or holder of Truth exclusively – that we then impart to another, we are in ego.

Our lived experiences are our credentials; 
Our healing & caring are our qualifications.

Coming to another women’s platform, her circle, where she is being illuminated, and charging her for receipts, challenging her every right to stand in her belief of herself, where she is signalling out light beams to others to have the courage to do the same, is reflective of a core maternal wound.

One where women are undervalued and criticized for taking up space with confidence.

Stemming from a paradigm that pits women against women, as we are still seeing today spaces of authority occupied predominantly by men, the messaging being “we only have space for one of you.”

This is so embedded in our psyche, as women, that although it tragically fails to serve us, we continually perpetuate the paradigm with our unconscious yet tangible fear, that another woman coming up threatens our safety of being validated alongside her.

Rather than celebrating her and seeing her as a reflection of our own capability, our instinct is to tear her down.

We must become present to this internal invalidation, so that we may consciously undo this toxic messaging that simply serves to protect positions of power from changing hands.

The invitation is this:

The next time you feel the conviction to enter a femme space and ridicule a woman in her power for not proving herself enough, consider by what standards you are measuring this accountability.

She is entirely worthy of illumination, by birthright not by acquisition.

The question then becomes, where did you acquire the understanding that in order for something to hold merit it must be certified?

Is there room in this belief to make space for the healing of this rhetoric and allows for the leaning into a Source of worthiness that too, is within you and entirely your birthright?