Resolve anxiety, fear & doubt and take control of your thoughts & emotions by tuning into a state of empowerment, connection and self-love.

Mastery of Self Hypnosis

In this transformative Masterclass you will learn…

♥ How to master your internal state, feel centred in mind, body and spirit and no longer struggle with making big decisions.
♥ Understand how to cultivate abundant energy, brilliant thoughts, prosperity and emotional balance without self sabotaging.
♥ Become fully present for yourself and loved ones and no longer default to patterns of escapism and distraction.
♥ The mastery of living by design rather than by default.

Ready to Master Hypnosis of Self?

MasterClass with Alia

My mentorship will be exceptionally effective, because it comes from the development of my own Self mastery.  In 2003 I had over a decade long track record of being attracted to unavailable men. I felt tortured by my unfair fate, unlovable, unworthy and trapped in a cycle of behaviours that were not creating what I wanted.

Somewhere deep inside though, I knew that this pattern was a result of disconnection from my self-worth and my inner knowing, making it difficult to connect with decisions that I knew in my heart were right for me.  For years I repeated this pattern and I didn’t know how to change it, yet I also had an inner wisdom that would whisper and guide me toward a path of self-discovery.  My unique lens of understanding of this often confusing inner play between this internal voice & intuitive habitual patterns, that can have us act from a place of fear vs that deeper sense of intuitive wisdom, is what sets my program apart from all others.   I’ve learned how to integrate these mindfulness practices and I’m here to lead you through the same process, so that you can do the same.  In this Masterclass I am going to show you how to  lean more and more into your desires and create a life by design rather than by default.  I didn’t realize it at the time but my journey was creating the principles for an effective self-hypnosis system.  These principles have had such a profound impact on my life that I became passionate about sharing them with the world at large.

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